RICS Building Surveys

RICS Registered - Independent Chartered Surveyors since 1830.

RICS Building Surveys

Graham & Co's domestic surveying services are geared towards prospective home buyers in Newport and Gwent. When you are buying a new house or even just considering doing so, it is important to get the best possible appraisal of any properties that you might have considered.

Like buying a used car, buying a house can be open to unexpected pitfalls and difficulties. Faults which seem minor can cause problems over weeks, months and years adding extra expenses along the way. Structural faults which aren't apparent to begin with can become a major problem later on, sometimes costing thousands of pounds to put right. However it's not all bad, there may be minor faults, not problems in themselves, that will allow you to negotiate a lower asking price.


Why do you need an independent survey?

Graham & Co prides itself on being and remaining independent. This ensures that any advice that we give is objective, purely given on a property to property, client to client basis.

At Graham & Co we are not trying to sell you a house, a mortgage or insurance. We are independently brought in purely to perform surveys. This means that you don't need to worry about any kind of selling, advertising or ulterior motive. We are proud to simply give the most reasonable, accurate surveys that we can.

Here are some of the key benefits of choosing us as your independent Chartered Surveyor to provide a Building Survey report:

  • We are RICS Regulated and work to a strict 'Code of Conduct' - guaranteeing customer service excellence.
  • We have 'Fixed Fees' for the reports we create for our customers, and no hidden charges!
  • We are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance - so although it's unlikely things would ever go wrong, our customers have peace of mind knowing they are covered up to £1 million.
  • Because we are an Independent Surveyor - we are on your side - providing professional and objective advice.

We provide Building Surveys on every type of domestic property in South East Wales whatever the properties age and condition.

Our company has over 170 years of expertise within the Newport, Cardiff and Monmouthshire area - so with such a wide range of experience, our customers really are in the very best hands.

It's critical to ensure you fully understand the condition of any property you have your heart set on buying - particularly important with older properties, as they are prone to problems, that may make you think twice about spending large sums of money where there is associated risk. Being informed will allow you to negotiate a better price or walk away.


What makes up a building survey?

A detailed building survey is recommended for any home buyer, but utterly essential if you are looking to purchase an older property.

At Graham & Co we offer a full technical inspection of the property. We provide comprehensive reports on the condition that the property is in, with detailed descriptions on any structural faults that are present. We can also give detailed reports on any minor defects that may either affect your decision to buy or allow you to negotiate a more favourable asking price. Through it all we will be able to offer you our expertise and advice, to make sure you always get the best possible deal.


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