RICS Property Valuations

RICS Registered - Independent Chartered Surveyors since 1830.

RICS Property Valuations

The valuation services that Graham & Co provide include inspections of all visible and accessible parts of the property, this includes the roof space if possible. The report is mostly concerned with the state of repair and overall condition of the property. A valuation can also be used to determine whether the asking price of a property is proportional or realistic.

When would I need a Valuation?

A valuation is not exclusively restricted to the buying and selling of properties. Graham & Co is more than capable of offering you valuation services for other reasons.

It is always a good idea to have a good view of the value of your property when planning insurance cover in order to better determine what is or isn't a good deal. Likewise, for tax purposes it is vital that you know what your property is worth as this is a major factor.

  • When you need to accurately cover your buildings insurance for fire and disaster recovery.
  • When you are conducting Inheritance Tax (IHT) or Capital Gains Tax planning with professional advisers.
  • If you are thinking of re-mortgaging your property - you need to independently know its true value.

Understanding the true value of your home is critically important. Whether you need to re-mortgage, plan for IHT or Capital Gains tax, or simply arrange adequate buildings insurance cover for disaster scenarios - Graham & Co can provide you with a tailored Home Valuation report at an affordable price.

We work hard with our customers to ensure they have the report they need to move on with their plans in a timely manner. Ordinarily we supply our reports within ten working days for typical properties, with more complex projects sometimes taking a little longer. Contact us if you're unsure of what service you need - we are happy to help.


How can an Independent Surveyor help?

As with an independent survey, an independent valuation offers excellent objective information. Graham & Co offers simple, straight forward property valuation. Choosing to use the services of an independent surveyor for this purpose offers the best possible chance of receiving accurate information on the value of your property.

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